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Head of School: Mrs Lizzie Girling

Head of School's Welcome

Wow the weeks go by so quickly. We began our enrichment programme this week and it has started well even under the difficulties that running a safe environment brings on us. The students have enjoyed being able to make a choice and have participated fully in their choices.

We are very busy making sure we keep our Year 11s up to date with the right information about the changes to GCSEs in the summer. We will be making sure our families know too.

Each week our students are more focused on their learning and that they are masters of it. They understand that school organisation is different but the staff are there to support them.

As we move further on in the term we will be checking their understanding and making sure we fill the gaps that may show up.

Thank you for all your support as we work through changes to make your children’s experience exciting and worth while.

Lizzie Girling
Head of School


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