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How to get to SET Saxmundham School

We run a number of minibus services directly to the school from locations such as Leiston, Felixstowe, Aldeburgh, Wickham Market and Woodbridge. We also have a contract with Belle coaches to provide three coaches to and from Felixstowe. Please contact the School Office at for the latest details of the current routes but in 2020/21 they were as follows:

Felixstowe Coach 1 (Supplied by Belles)  
Langer Rd Primary07:15
Old Bus Stn, Langer Rd/Lidl07:20
Cinema, Crescent Rd07:25
Hamilton Rd, near the Co-op07:27
Felixstowe Coach 3 (Supplied by Belles)
Mill Lane/Surrey Road07:12
Mill Lane/Stour Avenue07:15
Grange Rd, Yeoman Rd bus stop07:17
Wessel Ave, Chelsworth Rd07:19
Grange Farm Ave, Nayland Rd07:21
Grange Farm Ave, Hintlesham Drive07:23
Grange Farm Ave, Crossgate Field07:25
Trimley St Martin, Primary Bus Stop07:28
Trimley St Martin High Road, High Hall07:31
Trimley St Martin Grimstone Lane07:30
Woodbridge Route (SET Saxmundham minibus)
Rendlesham, Acer Drive, opp Walnut Tree Ave07:35
Wo5 – Rendlesham, Rockford Layby, Acer Drive07:35
Wickham Market, Spring Lane, Bus Stop07:45
Wickham Market, Broad Road Bus Stop07:47
Easton, Skylark Rise (by turning for primary school)07:55
Streetfield, Little Glemham08:05
Felixstowe Coach 2 (Supplied by Belles)  
Colnies Rd Junior School07:10
Church Rd, Kingsfleet Primary07:12
High Rd East, Brackenbury07:15
High Rd East/Fleetwood Rd07:18
High Rd East/ Police Station07:20
High Rd West/Exeter Rd07:23
High Rd West, Co-Op07:25
High Rd West, Cornwall Road07:27
Half Moon Pub07:28
High Rd West/ Hawkes Lane07:30
Park View07:35
Aldeburgh (SET Saxmundham minibus)
Aldeburgh Road, Hazelwood Farm, Aldeburgh07:32
185 Saxmundham Road07:36
Aldeburgh, Springfield Road/Franklin Road jct07:38
Storage Traya07:55
Waterloo Rd, St Margaret’s Crescent jct (2nd stop)07:57
Walberswick Route (SET Saxmundham minibus)
Walberswick, Adams Lane07:38
Blythburgh, Highfields07:50
Yoxford High Street08:00

Spaces on the transport offered by the school are limited and offered on a first come first served and best efforts bases.

Charges apply for use of the school transport which are payable termly in advance. Our bus behaviour policy must be followed. Failure to pay for school transport may result in your child losing their place and, if applicable, it being offered to someone on a waiting list.

If a student stops using a bus route mid-term they will not receive a refund of the bus fare unless we can fill the space with another student and the minibus/ coach is full. By making a payment you are agreeing to these terms.

There are also a number of public bus and train routes that run to or near the school. Routes are also available on the Suffolk On Board website

Suffolk County Council runs a school transport entitlement hotline for those who wish to check whether they are eligible for free transport. The telephone number is 03456 066173.

For all transport enquiries please contact the School Office at or 01728 633910.