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N Philpott

This week saw the judgement from our recent OFSTED visit being published and
shared with parents, staff, and members of the community. Whilst the judgement is
very disappointing, I am pleased that we have already begun to make big
improvements against the targets set by OFSTED. I have received many comments
from parents in relation to the report, both positive and with constructive feedback,
and will continue to seek views over the coming weeks. There is still the opportunity
for parents to attend a one-to-one meeting with me or Mr Barrow on Wednesday,
please contact the school if you would like an appointment.

Even amongst all our OFSTED meetings, I still found the time to practice my cricket
techniques with Year 9 students in PE, it was lovely to get back to my first love of PE and show that I still have the skills I had in a previous teaching capacity.

Year 10 completed their exams last week and it is the turn of Key Stage 3 students to sit their exams this week. This is a great opportunity for the students to gain experience of an examination environment in preparation for the rest of their studies at school, and I wish them every success during this time.

The final countdown to Year 11s’ GCSE exams is in full swing. Over the past few days the finishing touches have been made to coursework in many subjects, and I would like to thank our staff, and those from our sister schools at Beccles and Ixworth, who have supported our students so much during this time. The German students have completed their speaking exams, and this week it is the turn of those studying French and Polish on Friday.

Year 11 have their first written exam on Tuesday 17 May and the final preparations are currently being made, with students getting last minute support and reminders about the rules within the exam over the next few days.

There have been some real positive moments in school recently. Year 11 had the opportunity to try on Prom dresses and suits which were donated by staff, parents and former students.

Our Forge students completed some excellent independent work on alliteration, worked collaboratively with our main school students with a musician from Pro Corda and explored gravity within their science lessons, seeing the effect of gravity on their helicopters. Photos related to this are to be found later in the bulletin.

Year 9 have had an excellent week. Mr Palmer took a group of students to a Goalball competition where they worked well as a team, trialling a new sport. Mr Palmer has also singled out Finley King for his community spirit in helping Miss Osborne and Mr Palmer after school.

Finally, it is important that we praise our students for their achievements out of school, as well as in, I would therefore like to congratulate Ruby Morphey (Year 9) who competed this week in a British Dressage medium level competition at Topthorn Arena. Ruby and her horse, Billy, competed against adults and managed to finish in second place, this is a massive achievement and I would like to congratulate her on the achievement and am sure she will continue to develop as a rider.

If you have any stories like Ruby’s you would like to share, please do not hesitate to contact me so that we can promote our students’ talents more widely.

Wishing you all a good week ahead!

Neil Philpott

Head of SET Saxmundham School