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Christina Watson

It has been a busy but pleasant week at SET Saxmundham.

External Exams

Year 10 and Year 11 sat their first set of external examinations for their BTEC qualifications. They rose to this challenge beautifully and the invigilators commented on their mature approach and excellent behaviour.

Dora Love Prize

On Tuesday 11th January, a group of Year 9 and Year 10 students took part in a series of online workshops and lectures organised by the University of Essex as part of the Dora Love Prize which involves many schools from across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent. Students were inspired by the event and are formulating their entry in enrichment time. Mr. Woolven’s very informative write up of the day is included later in this bulletin.

Virtual Parents’ Evening

Thank you to all Year 7 parents and carers who joined us virtually for Parents’ Evening this week. If there was anyone you didn’t manage to talk to, or you have any follow up questions then do get in touch. On a personal note , I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching English to Year 7 this week. We are very privileged to work with such sparky and interesting young people.

Careers’ Drop Down

We are looking forward to our Careers’ drop down day on Wednesday – do ask your child what they have learned on Wednesday. Many thanks to Jenny Stockman and Mr. Philpott for organising this for us.

As you aware the rules around the need for a PCR changed on 11 January. The advice for people who have a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test result has changed. Students are no longer required to have a follow up PCR test and should stay at home and self isolate immediately and follow the Stay At Home guidance.
Please remember to continue to complete a home Covid test on a Monday and Thursday each week. The results should be registered at
Lets continue to keep each other safe.

I wish you all a safe and happy week,
Ms. Christina

Christina Watson

Head of SET Saxmundham School