I hope you are making the best of the situation we find ourselves in. Life at SET Saxmundham School is so very different, really empty and far too quiet!

Life @ SET Saxmundham
We have been busy setting up our Testing Area for administering the Lateral Flow Test of students and staff. We are using Darwin as the waiting area after the test and the tests are being completed in Tesla.
Staff and students have administered the test on themselves by putting a swab on their tonsils and up the nose. Mrs Sheehan, Mrs Mellor, Mrs Power, Mr Hall, Mr Hume and myself have been processing the tests which is quite complicated.
I have then had to record all the results on the NHS Track and Trace. We have processed 156 staff tests and 71 students’ tests. We have continued to take the temperature of all students and staff coming into school. It has been a very busy couple of weeks.
We are still using the bubbles and we have 30 students coming in. They are working on the same online learning on Google Classroom.

Learning @ SET Saxmundaham School
I hope your children are finding it easy to access Google Classroom and that they are enjoying the learning. Since the last lockdown we have become more proficient at using Google Classroom for our students learning. We have introduced live lessons that happen regularly during the week.

Mrs L Girling
Head of School