To contact an individual member of staff it is the first initial and surname followed by An example would be as follows: Mrs E Isaac –

Teaching staff

Executive HeadteacherMr M Barrow
Head of SchoolMrs L Girling
Assistant Head of SchoolMr M Connell-Smith
Trust Assistant HeadteacherMiss S Marsden
SENCoMs L Sheehan
Trust Lead Practitioner (English)Miss A Mellor
Trust Lead Practitioner (MFL)Mrs K Morton
Trust Lead Practitioner (Humanities)Mr J Woolven
Cross-Trust 1:1 TutorMiss F Alzahra
1:1 TutorMr A Asker
Teacher (History and Geography)Miss C Burwood
Subject Leader (Science)Mr M Connell-Smith
Subject Leader (Maths)Miss C Edmunds
Subject Leader (Creative Arts)Ms V Gibson
Teacher (English) Mrs L Griffiths
Subject Leader (English)Mrs R Hodes
Teacher (PE) Miss F Keith
Teacher (Music) Mrs T Kirk
Cross-Trust 1:1 TutorMs S Langley
Teacher Mrs N Leggett
Teacher (PE)Miss H Macleod
Teacher (History)Mr J MacRae
Teacher (Science) Miss K Miller
Subject Leader (Computer Science and Maths)Ms N Moe
Teacher (Science)Mr L Mynott
Teacher (Maths and Science)Miss E Page
Teacher (English)Mr C Paylor
Teacher (PE)Mrs H Reed
Subject Leader (PE)Mr D Renwick
Teacher (Maths)Mrs Z Wright

Support Staff

Senior Administration AssistantMr M Friston
Science TechnicianMrs M Allen
Minibus Driver Mr I Allison
Minibus Driver Mr J Bakewell
Business Administration ApprenticeMr O Bessant
Pastoral Support AssistantMrs L Bevan
Pastoral Support Assistant for Lower School (Y7 and Y8)Ms H Coles
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs S Costello
Administration AssistantMrs V Cowley
Minibus Driver Mr C Davis
General Catering AssistantMr D Dyer
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Dyslexia Specialist)Mrs L Gilardi
General Catering AssistantMrs L Hadley
CaretakerMr A Hall
Pastoral Support OfficerMiss S Hicks
Pastoral Support Officer for Upper School (Y9, Y10 and Y11)Miss K Howes
Minibus Driver Mr A Hume
Attendance and Admissions Officer Mrs L King
General Catering AssistantMs R Lambert
Exams AdministratorMrs E Lamming
Minibus Driver Ms R Mackenzie-Stephens
Lettings Co-ordinator/ Minibus DriverMr J Maynard
CleanerMs M Norcott
General Catering AssistantMr T Parfect
Science TechnicianMiss M Peachey
Teaching AssistantMr N Phillips
Minibus Driver Mr C Richards
Creative TechnicianMiss L Skudder
Teaching AssistantMr M Smith
Chef ManagerMr A Spragg
General Catering AssistantMs T Spruce
Teaching AssistantMs S Stevens
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs A Vincent
CleanerMs S Walker
Apprentice Teaching AssistantMiss D Warne
ChefMs K Zatlokiewicz