Sports & Extra-Curricular

There are many opportunities for our students to get involved in sports or extra-curricular clubs that interest them or to help them study towards a qualification or for their exams. Some examples of our current offerings can be found below.

Lunchtime Clubs

Click here to view the latest timetable for clubs and activities available during the Lunch break.

Period 7

Period 7 is in place to help students excel in their learning and also to help them with extra study practice for exams and assignments. Click here to view the latest timetable.

Sports Day 2017 and Champions Day 2017

Sports Day: In July, we held our annual Sports Day involving all students taking part in a range of track and field events. This culminated in a fantastic afternoon of sporting achievement as students competed in their 4 houses. As always, there were  many parents at the event cheering the students on and refreshments were provided in the form of delicious cream teas by the Friends of Saxmundham Free School.

Champions Day: After all three schools in the Trust (Saxmundham, Beccles and Ixworth) have had their individual sports days, the two winners from each school’s
event will then go and compete against the winners from the other two schools at Champions Day. So the top 100m runners race against each other, the top 200m runners etc. It is an amazing day of  sporting excellence, but it is also great to meet up with, and compete against the other schools in the trust. Saxmundham Free School have won the trophy for 4 of the last 5 Years!

Cross Trust Competitions

Throughout the academic year, the Trust runs a series of Cross Trust Competitions between our three Free Schools, Beccles, Ixworth and Saxmundham. They create healthy competition between the schools, promote excellence and also make the schools feel fully part of the Trust as one entity. See below, for schedule of events.

12 October 2017 – National Poetry Day

30 November 2017 – The Winter Games

12 December 2017 – Lightning Chess

24 January 2018 – Fame Lab

16 March 2018 – World Book Day

15 May 2018 – The Debate

23 May 2018 – The Great Trust Bake Off

20 June 2018 – Art Exhibition

29 June 2018 – Cricket and Rounders Competition

3 July 2018 – Summer Concert

4 July 2018 – Champions Sports Day